Arrival at Cebu
In unbelievably capable hands
No Coins at the Fountain
Junior Suite.. relaxing
Pope's Christmas surprise from Nordtsrom
Valentine Socks from Yoyen, YIPPEEE
Khrua Thai ice tea
We are hungry we can eat a horse
Kumpadre, Kumadre after 15 years
Hinay hinay lang uy
Thai Yoga, bwahahaha
Bengay for Yaya, Bag for Zelda
Daddy Ding
Inside the Suburban
Pit Senyor, Kang Andrew Kini (virility dance??)
Pit Senyor, Kang Dea kini!!!
Basilica Minore del Santo Nino
See you in Cebu 2007!!!
Kung Hei Fat Choi in the dressing room
Dr. Anthony Toledo
Walking into Roxy's closet, hehehe
Dinner at Guadalupe
Food Galore, Thanks to Let
Oblivious of the camera basta hungry
Else, start eating...
Taking Turns in the bathroom
Banyo Kings
Ahhhhh.... whatever!!!
With Suzette's Family, Let and Dang
Cora Esmero's house (before)
Martha Stewart's Christmas Flowers
Taj Majal?? Where is Prince Andrew??
Mizu Japanese Fusion Restaurant
This is not Plaza Independencia, promise...
La Gondola Italian Restaurant
Ni Hao Ma!!!
The Fountain of Youth
Toledo Cousins
Calling it a day at Maria Luisa
Moroccan Necklace?
Capping off the longest 24 hours
Where are the Cuban Cigars???
Starting the day right with a hearty Filipino breakfast
The Patio at Lorraine's
The hills are alive with the sound of Music
Friendly neighbors at Maria Luisa
Plantation Bay
The lagoon of Plantation Bay
Having fun under Cebu's sun
The Lhuillier Bag Shop, Shangri-la Resort & Spa
The Lost Horizon... the Shangri-la
Lush gardens at the Shangri-la
12:00 noon, check-out time sa Shangri-la
Luv this car.... our get-away car
The Hilton at Cebu
Hilton Cebu Resort Spa
The Pink Lobby Lounge at the Hilton
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